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The idea for this section came to me this past Mother’s Day when I received the book One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. (Ok, so I returned what hubby got me and bought this myself!) Flipping through the pages it suddenly occurred to me, “I Love Books!” “I Love Crafts!” (duh.) But for some weird reason our 3 huge bookcases only hold 3 or 4 craft related books. How did this happen?!
After pondering this truly mind-blowing idea I realized that the answer was really quite simple. I Am CHEAP. Ridiculously (sometimes to a fault) cheap. I love looking at the beautiful pictures, and I know that there have to be amazing projects between their pages that I would Love to try, but craft books, unfortunately, are NOT cheap.
I know you’re thinking, “But O my gosh, they are so worth the price.” and I’m sure that in most cases you are right. But with all the ideas that we share around these crafty blogs how do you know that 15 out of the 20 projects this book claims aren’t things you already saw tutorials for on MADE, Grosgrain, Sewing in No Mans LandMade by RaeNo Big Dill or tons of others? Unless you search through every book at B&N you just don’t. (If you don’t know about those blogs you are missing out! They all share amazing tutorials and the women are equally awesome!)
I figured that I can’t be the only Momma out there thinking this. I imagine most crafty people love books too, and You wish that someone would point out which books were “worth it” and which one you could just grab from the library, or flip through the pictures at you local bookseller.
Now, I am by no means an expert, or a book critic, and we may have differing opinions on what books are great, but at the very least, this section might bring a book to your attention that you’ve never heard of and want to look into. If all you take away is a title, Good for you!
My plan is to start with my local library and feature a new book every Wednesday. Hopefully I will even be able to try a project or two from each to show you. I’ll provide as much info as I can on what’s inside so you can make your own decision, and then I will rate them on a 3 star system.
☆star – Pretty pictures but nothing “new”.
☆☆stars – A few projects. Borrow from the Library or a Friend.
☆☆☆stars – Totally worth it and gotta have it!
(Please keep in mind that we all have different skill levels and interests. I’m not bashing books with 1 star, they just might not be right for me. In my 20-odd years I have never met a BAD book though.)
If you own/wrote/saw/borrowed a great book about any craft subject, feel free to suggest it for review. I love finding new books and trying new crafts. Maybe we can entice a knitter to cross stitch or a sewer to painting. I love trying new things and hope you do too. Happy Reading!
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